One thing that is common to almost all successful people is their ability to stop, do a personal check up and redefinition of what constitute their personality- their beliefs, values, relationships, world-views etc. Author and leadership expert John C. Maxwell, posits that life is all about “learning, unlearning and relearning”. We all get to a … Continue reading REDEFINITION


Who does not want to become better? Nobody! According to John C. Maxwell, a foremost leadership expert, learning, unlearning and re-learning are fundamental life principles for growth and personal development. Learning is the secret of replication, by learning new things, we can break beyond our limits. In this post, I’ll outline seven (7) ways by … Continue reading HOW TO LEARN NEW THINGS


Come, hold my hand daughter of Eve, Let me take you to a secret circus, There where love is given a human face, Let's ride upon the wings of passion's truth, And soar beyond lust's pendulum twist. Haunted by love and I knew it not, Like a lass upon the stairs of puberty, Who wept … Continue reading LOVE UNCUT


CHURCH IS TOMORROW The choir, in their elegant attire Lifted your soul, body and spirit, And the preacher’s burden set your bones on fire As you succumb to the quakes of teary fits- Rising anew on strengthened feet. I see you lost in warmly embraces, With soft hugs and gleaming smiles And warmly exchanges with … Continue reading CHURCH IS TOMORROW


 Twenty five Mays and more to come You may read this and you may not, Next may nonetheless shall come And when it arrives You may be and you may not, -but life shall be nonetheless. Many Mays and more to come, You may have shone and you may not, Next May nonetheless shall … Continue reading MAY

Igba: A conversation With Time

Odo: Please, be still! I seek to go no further. Igba: Look beyond There lies the book of time, and times. - The conk smell of aged papyrus parades the air, Pages and pages, I flipped and peeped through… ‘no, no, it was not my deed’ A calm glance, checked by a grin of defiant … Continue reading Igba: A conversation With Time


  Rushing, running, pushing & gasping, an ignoramus, backing my bulky satchel of fate. My legs on my head, my hands leading the way, heaving an ignoble breath of derisory nobility each time the time leads the way. 'Leave my legs,' 'let go my cloak of ambition!' thus I plead with the sticky lane of … Continue reading DESTINY

Travails and Tomorrow.

The Woman lifted the boy up with a hand into the mini-bus taxi. ‘Korope’, as called. Her left hand multitasked; clutched her brown bag and at the same time pulled up the overflow of her dress for an easy access into the taxi. The driver was getting impatient, not ready lost any customer to the … Continue reading Travails and Tomorrow.


Makumo struggled to take another glance at the corpse, the stomach was swollen and so were the two legs, the right hand had some whitish openings that looked like multiple random lacerations, the portion from the neck to the face were horribly swollen and a part of the right cheek had been wrenched off, perhaps … Continue reading MUTED ECHOES FROM THE DEAD


Morpheus embrace tonight has thrown me forsaken, With loneliness to wander the broken Streets of a thousand thoughts- Let me put this treason to useful plot: Opened mind; ink under the curse of liberty, Search through the glowing petals of now And tie a platonic knot with numbered stars Under the shelter of insomnious ceilings. … Continue reading BLESSED INSOMNIA