Come, hold my hand daughter of Eve,
Let me take you to a secret circus,
There where love is given a human face,
Let’s ride upon the wings of passion’s truth,
And soar beyond lust’s pendulum twist.

Haunted by love and I knew it not,
Like a lass upon the stairs of puberty,
Who wept for fear of cruel boys,
And two kingly boils from her bosom’s court,
Set to drive her from her father’s hut.

I have had a thousand rides along this route,
But this ride with you,
Leaves me with no tale of previous traverses,
You made false, the claims of nightly moon,
For with you, I bid sleep no nocturnal respect.

I shall preserve the memories of your glowing smiles,
For behind it, I suspect a hidden box of treasures.
Never have I seen before the morning rose,
But if what they say of it is true,
Then in the tender glitters of your comely brown eyes,
Rests a bed of morning roses.

Prick my finger with your thorny love,
And let me bear the scar with rosy joy,
Who cares if the rose is decked in thorns?
Even nature thrives on daily paradox.

You seek to know, if I shall give mine eyes for you,
But I have no eyes even now to give,
For they became yours the dawn before the last.

You are not of the perfect breed,
But I want you so -with those flaws and scars and wound,
As you bare them before my bewildered face.

Tell me, I plead,
What this ought to be,
If it be not love uncut?




The choir, in their elegant attire
Lifted your soul, body and spirit,
And the preacher’s burden set your bones on fire
As you succumb to the quakes of teary fits-
Rising anew on strengthened feet.

I see you lost in warmly embraces,
With soft hugs and gleaming smiles
And warmly exchanges with brotherly faces.
I looked around with careless eyes
With a single concern for the comely gestures,
What shall tomorrow say of your glow and glamour?

For I reckon with the truth in such wisdom,
“Church is not today, church is tomorrow”.
If this should by chance flee your freedom,
To the deceit of timely feelings you soon shall bow
And gentle tomorrow shall laugh you to scorn.


Twenty five Mays and more to come
You may read this and you may not,
Next may nonetheless shall come
And when it arrives
You may be and you may not,
-but life shall be nonetheless.

Many Mays and more to come,
You may have shone and you may not,
Next May nonetheless shall come
And when it arrives
You may shine and you may not,
-but life shall be nonetheless

So many Mays and more to come,
You may win and you may not,
Next May nonetheless shall come
And when it arrives
You may have won and you may not
-but life shall be nonetheless

Mays are gone and Mays shall come,
You may change and you may not,
Next May nonetheless shall come
And when it arrives
You may have changed and you may not
-but life shall be nonetheless

You may look now at the rising sun
– and you may not
But each new day, always may give new hope,
New birth, new choices and new life.
You may see it right and you may not,
-use it right and you may not,

But when they all cease,
This sun, your hope and choices,
These lines, your life and mine,
One shall be, though others may not,
This One, you may see and you may not,
-but this One shall be nonetheless.

Igba: A conversation With Time

Please, be still!
I seek to go no further.

Look beyond
There lies the book of time, and times.

The conk smell of aged papyrus parades the air,
Pages and pages, I flipped and peeped through…
‘no, no, it was not my deed’

A calm glance, checked by a grin of defiant innocence,
‘My book tells no lie’, he chuckled. ‘You changed but I don’t’

So I counted, it was two decades,
And a half with few days less.
I whimpered, whined and grumbled.
‘I don’t want to grow again,’

But then, he gnarled that wicked laughter again,
The rope, now eased a bit from my bloodied wrist,
Then he snarled at me with a look of indifference,
‘even while you wait, you indeed do not wait.’IMG_20160424_190011

EK it on …I-AcTT #1

It has been said that one of the most frequently used words is LOVE. I have never considered the truth of this assertion nor have I ever made an effort to search for an official statistics affirming same, but I must confess that I believe it, for as the saying goes, res ipsa loquitur which translates as the fact speaks for itself. However I must as well affirm that one abstract entity which binds the world together but is seen nowhere also is the same entity called love. You hear it everywhere, but you see it nowhere, not because it is invisible or abstract in the grammatical sense of it, it simply is because no one is showing it forth. But enough of complain, I know I am not the first person to say this, nor would I be the last person to. My goal here is to have a practical look at the situation and seek for those with whom these practical suggestions could be engaged together with. So, picture this: your dad’s phone rings and in the usual message alert tone. He mutters some complaints and mentioned something like ‘these ones have come again with their press 5 to win a trip to the Garden of Eden message’ and picks it up. Taps the screen twice or thrice and saw something like, “#200 was transferred to you from 080XXXXXXX…..”, surprised as he isn’t expecting such favour from anybody, and in fact he has the same amount in multiple on his account, hence he decides to try the number, only to see a name appear on the screen- YOURS! Yes you have just sent him airtime from the allowance he gave you.

It looks simple right? And almost ridiculous, but I have realized by the dictates of experience that this simple act is not just a demonstration of love, it is an act that helps you develop the act of giving that always touches the heart. You see this particular act, IT BOOSTS DAD’S MORALE, and IT SPINS MUM’S HEAD, but I can assure you, mummies express the happiness the most, and if your mum happens to be a prayer warrior, I can promise you she’ll spend the whole credit to call you back and begin a vigil you didn’t bargain for….lol.


EK it on: living beyond knowledge.

Have you ever wondered why you seem to know so much, yet your life has been really less productive? Although you are verily committed to the pursuit of happiness in all its truthful sense, bought books and attended seminars but you keep wondering why you have all the same received less positive result. Well, you are not the only one in that mess, many others are, and many in this category share the same lot- frustration!

If there is one fundamental lesson the past years have thought me, it is this:


So in seeking a final solution to many challenges that have frustrated me, I realized that the solution is not that I acquire more knowledge, though good in itself and which I must in fact do, but that when I acquire any knowledge, I must subject it to careful verification (for me, divine guidance is first and paramount- do whatever works for you), then engage the knowledge via calculated actions and thereafter wait for results.

I-AcTT (I Act To Transform), hence is a child of my desire and effort to engage knowledge in its practical dimension and see results more than ever experienced. It shall run under the heading I-AcTT with numbers consecutively added for proper designation.

I must state that I do not expect that engaging acquired knowledge will translate into the creation of a utopia either overnight or over time, but I am highly optimistic that the changes it will birth will be worth the investment as I have begun to experience those changes since I have started paying conscious attention to engaging knowledge. Going forward, I shall update this section of the blog with practical realistic ideas and steps on engaging knowledge, ranging from small seemingly less important ones to the mountainous big ones. My attempt shall be filled with deliberate imageries of practical realities and self-experienced examples where applicable. Have a productive read and ride  as we EK (engage knowledge)it on.




Rushing, running, pushing & gasping,

an ignoramus, backing my bulky satchel of fate.

My legs on my head, my hands leading the way,

heaving an ignoble breath of derisory nobility each time the time leads the way. ‘Leave my legs,’

‘let go my cloak of ambition!’

thus I plead with the sticky lane of life & the perfidious hands of gregarious thorn. I am on a race,

time leading the track,

fate on my back,

the end at my tail.

I am a chased chaser,

whimsical in my race, with contempt, running from death,

& chasing destiny with surreptitious legs so vague….

Running & racing, to be onboard the iridescent ship of destiny.

Travails and Tomorrow.


The Woman lifted the boy up with a hand into the mini-bus taxi. ‘Korope’, as called. Her left hand multitasked; clutched her brown bag and at the same time pulled up the overflow of her dress for an easy access into the taxi. The driver was getting impatient, not ready lost any customer to the sleazy attitude of another. He leaned his head out the window and beckoned his left hand at a lady standing a few feet away from the bus. She seemed to be one of those that won’t bulge until the taxi halts right before them, the red carpet sort of treatment.

The Woman threw a crumb of greetings at the Continue reading



Makumo struggled to take another glance at the corpse, the stomach was swollen and so were the two legs, the right hand had some whitish openings that looked like multiple random lacerations, the portion from the neck to the face were horribly swollen and a part of the right cheek had been wrenched off, perhaps by some unknown items in the river or by a hungry fish. He had not stared for a minute before Continue reading



Morpheus embrace tonight has thrown me forsaken,

With loneliness to wander the broken

Streets of a thousand thoughts-

Let me put this treason to useful plot:

Opened mind; ink under the curse of liberty,

Search through the glowing petals of now

And tie a platonic knot with numbered stars

Under the shelter of insomnious ceilings. Continue reading